Strong training after a week break, good ride  Voghera – Varzi  🫠 🚵🏻

Today I managed to roll after a week break. It was cool, but one realized that without a pause in the distance, it is difficult to travel 70 km. He also did not have time to launch the drone. 🙃 There were many good places along the route, but nothing. There will be an incentive to ride this distance again. 🚴‍♂️ 📸

Relive – Denys Chainyk

Sunday training on the bike 🚴‍♂️ Voghera- Cecima – Voghera

Sunday pokatukha 50.3 km … 🚴‍♂️ average 21.0 km / h #bike


Biagasco fa parte del comune di Pozzol Groppo, in provincia di Alessandria, nella regione Piemonte.

La frazione o località di Biagasco dista 2,92 chilometri dal medesimo comune di Pozzol Groppo di cui essa fa parte.

Per la provincia di Alessandria, cui Biagasco appartiene, in data 2022-06-19 sono segnalati 108.325 casi complessivi. Nella giornata precedente i casi complessivi segnalati erano 108.213, con una variazione di 112 casi, pari al 0,10% sul totale dei casi del giorno precedente.

Del comune di Pozzol Groppo fanno parte anche le frazioni o località di Casa d’Andrino (1,26 km), Casa Franchini (0,88 km), Casa Lucchi (3,02 km), Case sparse (– km), Monastero (1,96 km), Montemerlano (0,96 km), Monticelli (0,63 km), Osteria Nuova (1,99 km), San Lorenzo (0,23 km). Il numero in parentesi che segue ciascuna frazione o località indica la distanza in chilometri tra la stessa e il comune di Pozzol Groppo.

La frazione o località di Biagasco sorge a 248 metri sul livello del mare.

Great race on a bicycle 🚴‍♂️Voghera – Trebecco Lake – Voghera 😊

He broke his record today 😊
I rode a bicycle 🚴‍♂️ 79.6 km. to a very beautiful place where I have never been. It is relatively not far, but a very beautiful lake. It was difficult because the activities of the route took place in the mountains. Hard, but nice 💙💛

Trebecco Lake

A suggestive way to discover Val Tidone is to follow the path of the Tidone stream that has given shape to the whole valley. You can do it through the Tidone Path or along State Road 412 by car or motorbike: in both cases, you will come across the imposing Molato Dam, a historic building inaugurated in 1928 that creates Lake Trebecco.

In this article we recommend 3 things to do in the surroundings of the Molato Dam: from hiking or horseback riding to adrenaline-pumping experiences by bike, up to a leap into the past.

Bike trip 🚴‍♂️ Voghera – Godiasco – Voghera 😊

Tonight before the weekend I had to ride a little, drove 35 km. I thought I would go 40 km. but there was no time to finish. Well, that’s ok 🙂 😊🚴‍♂️

Godiasco – Salice Terme

The history of Godiasco is closely linked to the events of the Malaspina marquisate. In the diploma confirming to Obizzo Malaspina the imperial investiture of the marquisate (1164) Godiasco is not yet named, but the above castles of Piumesana and Calcinara; similarly to Varzi, the development of Godiasco was also subsequent to that date, and linked to the intensification of trade along the Staffora valley.

In 1221 the first division among the Malaspina family attributed Godiasco to the Spino Fiorito branch, and in the subsequent division of 1275 it was included in the territory of that branch, which was based in Oramala (hamlet of Val di Nizza), and which later took up residence in Godiasco. The Malaspina family of Godiasco was always one of the most flourishing branches of the lineage: it soon divided further into five branches (Oramala, Piumesana, Casalasco, Cella and Valverde), with various feudal holdings in the lands of the marquisate and a consortium management of its capital. The marquisate of Godiasco was subject to the Duchy of Milan and became one of the separate jurisdictions or different lands of Oltrepò, perhaps the largest and most important.

Even in the 18th century the marquisate of Godiasco was still referred to as an administrative and judicial unit, comprising several municipalities: its territory in fact included, in addition to the entire present-day municipalities of Godiasco, Val di Nizza and Valverde, the hamlets of Trebbiano di Ponte Nizza, Groppo di Pozzol Groppo, Sagliano, Cella, Nivione and Castellaro di Varzi, Cegni, Cignolo and Negruzzo di Santa Margherita di Staffora. The Counts D’Adda and Ghislieri also had holdings in the vast fiefdom, as well as various branches of the Malaspina family, but the preponderance belonged to the Malaspina marquises of Godiasco and Oramala, who were also marquises of Pozzol Groppo and Fortunago.

Joined with Bobbiese to the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1743 under the Treaty of Worms, it then became part of the Province of Bobbio. The end of the marquisate took place with the abolition of feudalism in 1797. In 1801 the territory was annexed to Napoleonic France until 1814. In 1818 it passed to the province of Voghera and in 1859 to the province of Pavia.

The territory of Godiasco also included the small town of Piumesana, which was also the seat of one of the five branches of the Malaspina family of Godiasco; it maintained autonomy until the early 19th century.

In June 2012, following a popular referendum, the name of the municipality was changed from “Godiasco” to “Godiasco Salice Terme,” in order to give more importance to the municipality’s main hamlet, Salice Terme, which has more inhabitants than the municipal capital of Godiasco itself, and to emphasize the presence within the territory of important thermal springs.